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Win Systems installs its first Gold Club Chinese Roulette at Casin di Venezia

Win Systems installs its first Gold Club Chinese Roulette at Casinò di Venezia This sees a card dealt when the ball lands on zero, with players recovering their bets if the value is higher than an eight and losing if lower. Casinò di Venezia reinforces its strategic commitment for an innovative playing offer with the installation of the Gold Club Chinese Roulette. Casinò di Venezia is organizing a set of activities to present the new Chinese Roulette for the weekend of 12 to 13 July, in the venue of Ca’ Noghera. Eric Benchimol, CEO of Win Systems, said: “In Win Systems we are aiming to become a reference in innovation and technology, we’re willing to amaze players with a brand-new gaming offer. We’re convinced that Gold Club Chinese roulette will be really successful with players, and we’re enthusiastic about the first European installation at Casinò di Venezia, the oldest and one of the most prestigious casinos around the world.” To organize a meeting please send an email to or call +34 935 308 049. WIN SYSTEMS is a provider of casino solutions for the global gaming industry. The company specializes in management systems and gaming machines for all varieties of casinos and lotteries. It offers a full range of dedicated technology services, including design, programming, installation, operation and maintenance of its systems, with local teams based around the world able to assist partners around the clock. Win Systems has an extensive track-record of offering the best in class information management systems, recognized throughout the world for providing superior real-time control, stability and reliability for land-based casinos, lotteries, and route operations.

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